31 Jan 2012


Here is the link of the article by Syrian Commando (a very active Bashar's electronic thug, one of the alias that he uses, but not the only).


This person (hope is a man and not a woman like me), makes a lot of horrible accusations against "activists", like they belong to a net of organ traffickers. He analyzes only the title, beginning with "exposing" activists.

Activists, for him, are terrorists living abroad, exiles. Well, I have strong suspicions that he himself is not currently in Syria, for instance. And through his words, always full of violence, aggresivity and insults, if there is a terrorist, would be him. Besides, there is a HUGE amount of Syrians living abroad, many of them with universitary degrees, who had to get out from Syria as it was impossible for them to have a decent life with the journals that they were paid. An example: a friend of mine is an architect, recently finished studies. Best he could get was a job of almost 12 hours/day for 10.000 syrian pound. This is about 150 euro per month. How could he and his wife live with this amount?. No way, and he found a job outside Syria, so he left this summer.

In another article, Syrian Commando considers Syrians abroad as exiles that have no rights over Syria, whatever they do, wouldn't be considered Syrians. Only Syrians in Syria are truly Syrians... So when you leave Syria to avoid hunger, you loose your citizen rights... Very fair, Syrian Commando, very fair.

Then, we should look at the word "activists". ¿This is good or bad? ¿Who is an activist? Well, if someone dedicates great part of his/her time, efforts, money, and put heart on what's he/she doing for Syria, then I am an activist. Not a terrorist, I am afraid. I am against all kind of violence, I ever was, specially against violence made by the powerful people against defenceless children, women and men.
I never participated in any zionist-imperialist conspiration against Syria. I love Syria too much for that. I love Syria as much as I hate the people that are effectively destructing the country and killing their citizens. And as I saw in these hard moments, there are MANY people more like me in the whole world, even inside Syria. Those are real activists.

¿Spreading rumours? No, there are not rumours at all. Many prestigious human rights organizations have a solid case against Syrian government and its brutality. Anybody with eyes can see the videos in YouTube, too many and too horrible to be nothing but the truth. There are innumerable testimonies well preserved for the future, any international court would admit them as solid and well documented. But of course, you, Syrian Commando, can deny it. OK, you can insult, and lie, and do whatever you want... the TRUTH is there.

Syrian regime, Syrian Government... as you like, it won't be for long...

Now, we deal with an atrocious accusation. So now the doctors risking their lives (and loosing it in some cases) to help and heal the wounded, are really part of a ghoulish plan to steal organs and trafficking with them. And what's more, they are foreign doctors, no Syrians would be involved in such a thing. Will give you only a few names, but there were more: Dr. Ali Ghassab al Mahamid died in Deraa when security forces killed him and driver of Red Hilal Ambulance, when going to a mosque where they had some injured people, as they were unable to take them to hospitals, under security forces vigillance. Look at his face: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRNpwn-QWd0 . Look also at Dr. Ibrahim Othman, killed when he tried to escape to Turkey, after being exposed in his net for treating the wounded in Damascus. In the video you can see his Syrian ID, if you have any doubt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L1kx8jv2n0 . And, of course, can't let out Dr. Sakher Hallak, the first martyr of Aleppo, killed while in detention by the Syrian secret police, and savagely tortured and mutilated, a case well documented for all human rights organizations: http://www.shrc.org/data/aspx/d10/4510.aspx . These are the doctors that were risking their lives. No foreign dark-intentioned evilish doctors.

By the way, I miss in your article any reference to women and children... They are also diying in Syria, nobody can deny it. And some cases are so blatantly due to Syrian Government intervention, like the houses that fell down after being shelled by tanks, killing the families inside, last example in Karm Zeytoun: http://www.shrc.org/data/aspx/d10/4510.aspx . There are some terrifying videos, CAN'T put the links here, look for yourselves, it's too much for me. Of course, Syrian Commando would find an explanation: fake videos, those children are only pretending to be dead with a lot of make up, or maybe even they are not children, maybe dolls in some studio in Qatar... or maybe in the end they were, after all, terrorist's sons, so better kill them now before they grow up to become terrorists also.

Atrocity after atrocity, explained as he wants, making fit the facts with his conspiration theories, and if it doesn't fit, simply leave it aside. This is a sample of Syrian Commando's articles. Don't recommend you to read the others, or you're going to puke with horror.

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